i there, this is me trying to understand HTML anno 2008. a photo-blog
if you like.

A new web site is not underway, so I'll give you some resources right here.
Currently I am developing a film project together with knut ċsdam titled MURMANSK KIRKENES. The film looks on the contemporary situation in the two cities of Murmansk (in russia) and Kirkenes (in norway). it was selected for the CPH:FORUM (download PDF her) and the project is selected for Cinemart 2012 (R'dam Int. Filmfestival).

as vitakuben I am involved in the development of the soon to be finsihed new film of Declan Clarke.

- My longest (and to certain degree slowest) project is the fantastic Jan Freuchen & Lut-Rainer Müller collaboration objet perdu - .

Some of my writings are to be found on
artnews.org (english, not updated for a while).
Some of my norwegian texts you can read online at kunstkritikk.no or Billedkunst.

you can also send me an email, or skype me, which ever, have a nice day still.
please also, visit the PHILIP website...